Kingston Town Centre

Kingston Town Centre Wayfinding

Sector – Hospitality & Leisure

isGroup was appointed by Kingston First to manufacture and install unique wayfinding signage designed by leading designers Maynard. The Wayfinding signage was installed in Kingston Town Centre, London.


Project Delivery

Kingston First wanted a unique wayfinding system that was built into the ground in Kingston Town Centre located next to the Themes River in London. The wayfinding signage was made with a unique etched bronze cast plaque and used as a navigational tool for visitors. The plaque features a map that is designed to be read from any angle.

The plaque was inset into the current stone paving, within its environment in Market Square and finished with a matt lacquer to the face. The etched area was left untreated to naturally darken over time. This was strategically fitted in the centre of the wayfinding scheme with the key purpose of directing users to the river and orientated to face Charter Quay Entrance. This encouraged users’ to follow the primary route to the riverside.

To complement the bronze plaque smaller floor studs were produced and fitted around the area. The studs had fish patterns with different arrangements and were individually rotated to help recreate the organic movement of a fish. The studs were spaced according to the overall scheme design.

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