Southall Waterside Residential Development

Southall Waterside Residential Development

Sector – Public Realm & Heritage Signage

isGroup were approached by construction company FM Conway to produce the wayfinding scheme for the development of the Berkeley West Thames’ Southall Waterside scheme – one of London’s most exciting new residential developments, delivering 3,750 new homes.

Project Delivery

The scheme comprised of wayfinding totems and building identifier totems, both of which were manufactured from folded aluminium panels, acrylic lettering and solid cast concrete bottom sections.

The folded aluminium top section incorporated a vinyl pattern applied to the face, this created a bevelled texture. To complete this top section acrylic white letters were applied to help residents find their way around the newly built scheme. The bottom cast concrete section included cast text logo of Southall Waterside, the cast concrete text element created an indent within the section adding depth and branding to each totem.

Problem Solving

Due to the nature of the project requiring cast concrete meant that manufacturing times were lengthened. Construction of the residential scheme was done in phases resulting in a need for temporary signage while the manufacturing for the concrete was taking place.

isGroup provided temporary totems these were manufactured in the same way as the top section of the permanent totems, but with white text vinyl instead of acrylic lettering.

The temporary totems proved so successful that they have now been made permanent alongside the concrete ones for the original scheme.

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