IM Properties HQ

IM Properties HQ

Working closely with F.r.a, BAM Construction and IM Group, isGroup were commissioned to manufacture and install signage for IM Groups’ brand-new campus facility in Solihull.

The scheme needed to reflect the clients desire to create a happy work environment of classic elegance with a human, playful touch that reflected the business ethos. The focus was on the use of high-quality materials and forward-thinking design. This was to help futureproof the building and help it become a major landmark.

Materials were used such as Corten, stone, steel and iron that age and weather naturally, along with product design that reflects the shape of the spaces and landscaping on the IM Group Campus.

I.M Properties External Signage Totem Corten

Project Delivery

External Signage

One of the main features of the scheme was a cast-iron logo weighing 450 kilos. The size and weight of the cast-iron logo meant transportation and installation were difficult. To help with this isGroup created a special multipurpose frame. The frame held the casting rigid whilst being transported, and whilst Halo Sloan LEDs were fitted to a recess in the rear of the casting. The frame also allowed for the logo to be suspended by a crane, whilst being fixed to the huge precast concrete panels during installation. It was then removed once the logo was mounted.

The project had short timescales and further challenges due to the complexities of multiple different manufacturing processes needed for each of the different elements, within the scheme. The foundation bases for the totems had a gap between them that were under 10mm apart, meaning precision was key. Each element worked in synthesis with one another, as well as creating a visual impact due to contrasting textures and colours.

Internal Signage

Alongside the external signage scheme, we also produce an internal signage solution for the multiple buildings within the campus. Signage included bespoke reception signs, environmental graphics, manifestations, notices, pictogram icons and Neon illuminated café signs.

The Neon illuminated Café & Diner needed to match the specific brand colours; a core requirement made by the client. To be able to achieve this we combined RGB Neon LEDs along with a DMX controller, which allowed the user to control the intensity of those lights, when and how the colours were mixed. Not only did this fulfil the client’s requirements, but it also gave them freedom to be able to change branding easily.

Throughout the building, built up letters combined with vinyl text displayed inspirational and motivational messages. In conjunction with these, a lenticular feature wall was produced adding depth to the room and creating an engaging interactive experience for employees.

I.M Properties Internal Signage window manifestations

Award Winning Signage

The external signage package was awarded the prestigious “Construction Award” at the British Sign Awards 2019.

The finished outcome was a blend of multiple materials and manufacturing techniques used in ways to complement and integrate seamlessly within the surrounding modern architecture. It has created dynamic focal points that enhance the stylish purpose-built surrounding complexes.

Construction Sign of the Year Winner Logo

I.M Properties External Signage Totem Stone

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