Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces, Tower of London Wayfinding

Signs – Mobile Display Signs

isGroup was approached by Historic Royal Palaces to enhance visitor experience and streamline navigation during the Superbloom event to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee year of Her Majesty The Queen at the Tower of London.

The mobile display signs had to be suitable for a variety of uneven surfaces in and around the Tower of London for a period of four months. isGroup designed, manufactured, and installed portable freestanding displays to enhance visitor experience and facilitate navigation during the Superbloom event.

Project Delivery

Technical Design and Prototyping

To ensure the viability and effectiveness of the proposed solution, isGroup’s technical designers meticulously developed structural calculations, CAD models, and 3D designs. A prototype was constructed to showcase the innovative signage concept to the client, facilitating collaborative feedback and finalising the design specifications.

isGroup’s adaptation of the WAY2GO system showcased a technical prowess and ability to overcome unique challenges presented by historic locations. The successful development and implementation of the weighted mobile display totems demonstrated commitment to delivering customised solutions that adhere to strict heritage regulations.


Design and Implementation

To overcome the challenge of the site’s cobbled ground, which prohibited the installation of fixed totems, isGroup adapted their proprietary WAY2GO system. The team designed a freestanding, slimline, portable wayfinding signage system that would remain stable without the need for ground installation. This ensured compliance with the World Heritage Site regulations.

Two sign types were developed, one with a planter and one without, both self-weighted, mobile totem signs. An aluminium frame was built, powder coated to the client’s choice of colours to protect the signs from the elements. The totems were specifically engineered to be portable, allowing for easy repositioning throughout the event.

Lockable snap frames were used to house aluminium graphic panels, while adjustable feet ensured the signs could be levelled on uneven ground. Finally, castor wheels were added to ensure the signs could easily be transported.

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