Eco Friendly Signage Solutions

7 October 2021 3 min read

Most of us are now taking more proactive steps to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. As more consumers choose ‘green’ alternatives in their everyday lives, we are now proud to say that isGroup stock an eco-friendly range.

Advances in technology and innovation within our industry have created new opportunities for us to pass significant benefits on to you – from reducing your carbon footprint, to helping you make savings on your energy bills, with efficient lighting solutions.

Whatever your green strategy, we can help you achieve your goals, without compromising on the quality and expertise in eco-friendly signage.

isGroup are committed to supporting the needs of the environment and are constantly making efforts to develop operations to support the wider issues.

Massive steps have been taken and we have introduced a range of eco-friendly signs to our ever-increasing range on our online shop.

Bamboo – Sustainable Signage

isGroup’s bamboo products have proven to be CO2 neutral over the full lifecycle, working across landmark commercial buildings, hotels and hospitality spaces, including at home, in schools, university campuses as well as eco-conscious public spaces.

For an exciting sustainable interior signage solution, isGroup’s sustainable signs can incorporate cut graphics and contemporary finishes, as well as being cut into individual letters.

Bamboo Internal Door Name Plate - 250mm x 70mm - Left


Recycled Plastic – Sustainable Signage

isGroup’s recycled plastic signage products are each made from a single type of plastic, so it can be easily recycled, extending its use in the circular economy indefinitely.

This technology enables us to re-use up to 75% of existing types of plastic within each pattern. Each pattern is made from just one type of plastic, so they are 100% recyclable as well as being made from 100% recycled material.

We use post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to create fascinatingly designed materials. There are 9 patterns available to choose from the standard range, with the added choice of bespoke patterns.

40% of plastic produced today is single-use, with a useful lifespan of just a few hours or days, but it takes hundreds of years to degrade after being discarded. We must fundamentally rethink this throw-away culture. These signs reduce the need for virgin materials and cast customers’ story in a sustainable light.

Recycled Plastic Sustainable Signage

Solar – Sustainable Signage

Take solar lighting; its environmental benefits have long been heralded and harnessed for commercial and residential applications worldwide and it’s not hard to see why. With zero energy costs, isGroup’s solar-powered signage systems are aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance.

Solar Sustainable Signage

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