New machine arrival at isGroup

13 August 2021 3 min read

isGroup welcomes the DYSS X7 Digital Cutter from AG/CAD to the workshop.

State-of-the art technology, the DYSS X7 range is built to exacting standards, giving unrivalled quality, reliability and performance. Unlike traditional CNC routers, which can only cut certain materials, the X7 can also knife cut, V-Cut, and even crease, allowing a vast array of sign and display media to be processed. The X7 Digital Cutter range offers fast, accurate, vision-enabled CNC routing and knife cutting automating finishing.

The X7’s high specification CNC router can profile cut rigid materials with ease, making light work of acrylic, Dibond, rigid PVC, etc. With its additional twin slots for knife and creasing tools it can handle even more diverse materials, kiss-cutting adhesive backed vinyl, through-cutting and scoring display board card, magnetic foil, Correx, corrugated, honeycomb, foamcore, etc., and with the heavy-duty knife even rigid styrene and 5mm PVC can be knife cut without mess or dust.

After a comprehensive demonstration it was decided that the DYSS X7 was the best all-round solution for the business. The addition of the DYSS digital cutter will allow isGroup more work to be kept in-house, improved precision and quality, faster finishing times and a reduction in Production. Shorter lead times mean work can be delivered and invoiced faster, helping the business in multiple ways.

DYSS X7 - Signage Machine

Founder Jane Whitehouse had this to say on the new arrival: ‘We have been looking at the digital flatbed cutting machines for a number of years, but with the launch of our new e-shop it was the ideal opportunity to purchase such a machine.

The DYSS X7 will eliminate our cutting and trimming times for materials such as composite, foamex, acrylic and vinyl. This will enable isGroup to increase our efficiency and productivity which is essential for our online orders where a quick turnaround is expected from placement of order. The machine will also be able to produce our packaging materials ready for despatching orders.‘

isGroup Team using DYSS X7 Machine

This commitment to improvement will see the family business recently pass its 40th anniversary this year, with the introduction of a website which includes and online shop.

Commercial Director Chris Whitehouse expressed his delight: ‘to begin the next chapter with the launch of our new website and now the introduction of an online shop – the timing couldn’t be better with our 40th year of celebrations taking place this year.

This opens up for us new opportunities and gives us a platform not only to showcase our work, but to offer anyone a chance to buy our range of signage including the very successful WAY2GO range of wayfinding signs, it also allows us to keep adding with exciting new products being phased in over the coming months.

isGroup Team with new Machine

We have also invested heavily in new equipment, technologies and the expansion of our current premises to be more agile and responsive as business needs change.

Watch the video below to see what happened when it arrived at the workshop.


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