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One of the most unique bespoke finishes WAY2GO offers is VeroMetal®.

By seamlessly applying either a cold metallic spray or a metal putty to any surface or material, it makes anything it is applied to look, feel and behave like hot-cast metal, because it is 95 percent metal.

Finishes include aluminium, brass, bronze, aged bronze, white bronze, copper, iron, zinc, stainless steel, tin, nickel-silver and gold.

Offering new possibilities for innovative wayfinding signage the surface created by VeroMetal® can be matt, satin polished, high polished, rusty or patinated, depending on the process used and your requirements.

Our spray finishing personnel have attended training sessions given by the official VeroMetal® UK distributors to ensure the guidelines are met for internal and external applications.

The Process


 The quality of finish of the composite metals offered by VeroMetal® relies on the correct pre-treatment of the surface of WAY2GO subframes and panels. Our experienced team ensure a smooth, dry and residue-free surface for the best finishes.

Spraying or Casting

 Following pre-treatment, the three components of the composite metal – powder, binder and hardener – are combined and either casted or sprayed onto the surface at room temperature and allowed to harden before polishing.

Alternatively, to achieve copper or brass to verdigris – a bright bluish-green finish – the items have to be treated to a high temperature.

Surface Treatment

The composite metal can be treated with other processes, such as blasting, grinding, polishing (high gloss or mat), semi-bright brushing, oil grinding, machine treatment or engraving, to achieve different aesthetic results.

It is also possible to cause a chemical change of the metal surfaces to achieve varying effects with the use of different acid solutions. Effects include:

Blackening of bronze, brass and copper

Corrosion of bronze, brass, copper, nickel-silver and iron

Corrosion (Rust) of iron

For more information on the VeroMetal® application process, visit VeroMetal®.