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‘A’ Grade for isGroup Signage Solution

On August 15, 2017

‘A’ Grade for isGroup Signage Solution

Placemaking consultants, Placemarque, gave isGroup the opportunity to really flex its technical and logistical muscles. The company, with whom we have worked on a number of previous projects, approached us to turn an idea developed by leading brand agency The Chase for two new entrance signs at Alderley Park into reality.

The entrance plans involved creating two visual representations of the Park’s new brandmark – one a 2.4m reinforced re-case concrete sculpture and the other a 3.5m illuminated aluminium structure.

Pre-Installation Planning

Our SSSTS and SMSTA Operatives undertook all work on the site, which included two new reinforced concrete foundations and managing all site schedules and attendances. After obtaining permits from Cheshire East Council for traffic management for two days (482 works) installation was able to commence.

A full site survey and CAT scan of the area was conducted at the locations of both feature signs isGroup by structural engineers, to ensure the ground bearing pressure and earth content in the locations were adequate and in case any alterations to the design of the foundation detail were required.

All structural steelwork was designed and built to meet isGroup’s BSEN1090 class 2 accreditation.

Large Concrete sculpture

A technical and logistical challenge, the 2.4m reinforced re-case concrete version of the brandmark was finished in Portland Stone and features internal steel reinforcement.

The moulds were produced and encapsulated into the main body of the mould in line with brand guidelines. Once the concrete was cured and removed from the mould, laser cut painted stainless steel letters were bonded into the recess to create a strong contrast against the Portland Stone finished body of the monument. A leading BBA Certified protective coating was also applied concrete to seal and repeal water and the onset of algae.

The complex start of the project was completed rapidly in just seven weeks, with concrete moulding taking three weeks, the casting one week and the curing – which included the hardening of the reinforced concrete and application of the protective coating – taking just three weeks.

Aluminium Illuminated Structure

For the aluminium brandmark structure, is Group’s team of coded welders fabricated a bespoke cantilever structure, using an internal steel framework to BSEN 1090-2 standard. A series of aluminium top hats provided the tolerance needed to clad the framework with powder coated interlocking aluminium panels.

The face and return profile of the structure now displays the fret cut, flush finished Alderley Park name, which is internally illuminated using Sloane LED’s. These LEDs were selected as they offer enhanced life expectancy, giving the client further confidence in the quality of products selected by isGroup’s experts.

Delivery and Installation Phase

Once ready, both structures were transported to site using hi-ab vehicles where isGroup’s experienced team of installers had prepared the sites for delivery of the impressive feature signs.

The two-tonne concrete sculpture was installed onto a precast concrete foundation that was designed and fully approved by structural engineers.

During the installation phase at both busy entrances, isGroup operated safely in the knowledge that all traffic management was controlled under 278 Works permit it had secured. This ensured that no issues or disruption occurred.

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