Westgate COVID SECURE Signage

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Project Description

Westgate Shopping Centre – Getting COVID SECURE signage in place to support reopening.

Reopening is a challenge for any business which has been closed for a while. There’s a lot to consider to get back into the swing of things, we know reopening a business during the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy task.

Planning for reopening isnt’ simple particularly with the new social distancing measures to consider along with enhanced hygiene protocols. Government guidance needs interpreting for your premises, employees and customers with any output thinking about employees and customers experiences along with our physical journeys through premises to make sure we can all work together to keep each other safe and healthy.

As a trusted partner to Westgate Shopping Centre, isGroup have been on hand to support Westgate through their journey as they reopen. Thinking about how to apply social distancing guidance to manage the number of customers in their centre, managing queues and payment along with ensuring welfare facilities can be safely used and reassuring customers, isGroup worked with Westgate to deliver the optimum spec ensuring this signage suite is in place for as long as is needed. And as time is of the essence, they were turned around quickly too.

Limited by materials demand, employees across partners and suppliers furloughed, along with the restrictions in place around travel hampering site visits for surveys and sign off, along with putting in place new processes for installation meant what should be a relatively simple job for posters and floor stickers in the main became a challenge. One of the critical learnings was the adoption of technology using video facilities to both plan and manage installation remotely.

In short order and in some cases a 24 hour turnaround time, isGroup produced and installed

– 620 social distancing floor vinyls
– 6 A2 informational posters
– 32 A3, A4, A5 vinyls for lifts, toilets, and card payments
– 16 A boards with social distancing and wayfinding information

Working with and supporting partners such as Westgate, allows isGroup to use our expertise to help our customers navigate this new normal and establish new ways of working in these challenging times. We’re looking forward to seeing Westgate reopen and customers enjoying its space and facilities safely again.