The Pinnacle, Manchester

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Project Description

The Pinnacle, Manchester

Located on King Street, in the heart of Manchester‰’s bustling business district, The Pinnacle building comprises luxury living space and high-quality offices.

isGroup was asked to technically design and create a bespoke canopy structure to adorn the entrance of the building. This project demanded high production values and innovation to reflect the prestigious building’s image and its fashionable location.

“The works look great, we‰’re really happy with the outcome.‰” – Interior Designer

Bespoke Canopy

isGroup‰’s design team worked both in its studio in Flint and on site to create a bespoke canopy to replace the existing metal structure, in line with the building’s modern, stylish and international theme.

CAD renders were used to ensure that the project met the client’s exact design requirements. isGroup‰’s solution included:

  • Intricately designed illuminated acrylic fins
  • New cladding
  • Specialist iron patina paint finish for a luxurious look
  • Black anodised aluminium cladding

Cutting-Edge Illumination

The canopy was illuminated with Sloan-LED lighting, in addition to a special overhead light-well built into the structure, which allows natural light to flow through it.

Working closely with the client, from concept through to creation, isGroup Signs was able to deliver a truly impressive and impactful welcome to The Pinnacle building.

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