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Project Description

Demonstrating the varied scope and style of its projects, isGroup was recently appointed by The Paddington Partnership to deliver a fun and effective event promotion and wayfinding solution in Paddington.

Working to a brief designed by Paddington-based design consultancy, Maynard, isGroup manufactured twenty eight freestanding aluminium event promotion signs, inspired by traditional luggage tags.

The design for the changeable event signs, which were installed throughout Paddington, across numerous estates, is in homage to PaddingtonTM the character and incorporates his famous pawprints. The Paddington Partnership secured a licence from Copyrights to apply PaddingtonTM’s famous luggage tag and pawprints to the both the shape of the signs and the design template for vinyls.

‰”isGroup worked constructively with Maynard to deliver on a challenging brief that required balancing durability, flexibility and portability. Everyone has been very satisfied with the outcome.‰” – Wayfinding Designer at Maynard.

During the process, isGroup was able to produce and install a prototype in one of the key locations agreed to enable the client to experience the quality of the signage, see it in situ and receive feedback from the public.

Digitally printed graphics designed by Maynard were applied on both sides of the signs delivering the event information and are removable to allow the client to update the information easily and cost effectively.

Sales Director at isGroup, Paul Dyke, said: “This has been a really fun and successful project to be involved in.

“The playfulness of the brief allowed our team to really exercise its creativity and bring PaddingtonTM to life with the familiar luggage shape of the signs, while still providing an effective wayfinding solution.

“I think we are all due some well-deserved marmalade sandwiches, as we know that‰’s how PaddingtonTM would celebrate.”

‰”The new signs will ensure that people do not simply stumble across events, but are aware of them in advance, can find them, and will come back for more. We were delighted with isGroup‰’s response to the brief. Stakeholders were unanimous in their chosen design route and we’re thrilled that Copyrights/studiocanal embraced the idea of the PaddingtonTM association so warmly; the pawprints act as a superb invitation to ‰’walk this way‰’ and the luggage tag likewise lends itself so well to the arrow shape, giving visitors the confidence to explore Paddington and find a host of events, live music, restaurants, street food, performing bridges and hire boats just up ahead.‰” – Executive Director at Paddington Partnership.

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