Regency Wharf Retail Development

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Project Description

isGroup was approached by Picton Capital to provide a new signage scheme to welcome visitors for the Regency Wharf retail development. Our graphic designers provided a choice of signs and colour schemes to promote a modern brand identity for the retail destination.

The updated signage scheme consisted of replacing the existing flex-face skins with aluminium panels fret cut to provide new illuminated branding and tenant names. As part of the scheme one totem was manufactured from aluminium, painted to the new colour scheme with vinyl tenant details encased with a glass front panel with security fixings. Additional aluminium directional and entrance signs were installed to assist with wayfinding.

isGroup designed on-brand projecting lamp post banners to be installed along the main pedestrianised area of the development, displaying Regency Wharf’. To complete the signage scheme, window manifestations were installed onto vacant retail units, advertising Regency Wharf’s retail value.