Parc Cwm Darran

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Project Description

The country park was formed in 1975 when the main coal mining industry in the area of South Wales ceased. Built on the site of Ogilvie Colliery and its spoil tips, Ogilvie Colliery was the largest of the collieries in the Darran Valley and at its peak employed up to 1,500 men and boys.

During 2011 plans were made by the Council to improve the area for the public and tourism by re-landscaping the old black slag heaps and forming a lake and large pond with a campsite. They worked closely with heritage consultants Imagemakers to devise the walks and the information they wished to impart to the public as well as attract tourists to the new campsite.

isGroup was successful in tendering for the project to provide waymarked trails along the tracks of Parc Cwm Darran which consisted of:

• 3 no. viewing panels manufactured with polycarbonate panels reverse printed with an aluminium framework.

• I no. timber frame noticeboard with glass lockable display cabinet which housed a printed polycarbonate panel depicting a map of the park and its features. The full structure was manufactured from Welsh oak with oak peg fixings. One timber bottom strut was routered to provide a relief depicting the old coal hauling trailers infilled with black enamel ink.