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Project Description

In 2016 isGroup were approached by Lancaster City Council to provide a Wayfinding Scheme for Morecambe town centre. The size of the scheme was to be small, so the off-the-shelf system Way2Go became the signage of choice as this was able to be adapted to suit the requirements of the Council.

Each Way2Go monolith consisted of a printed graphical map and directional information to the top glass section and the bottom panel consisted of a painted aluminium panel with an emblem routered out. The specific area header was repeated to the side of each sign to aid navigation. On installation a stainless steel footer plate was installed on each monolith.

To complement the three Way2Go signs, eight Way2Go fingerposts were installed. A full site survey was conducted to ensure the correct orientation of the 42 fingers. Artwork was provided for approval and sign off to ensure the correct graphics were applied.
The isGroup team of skilled installers attended due to having the required street work licences.