Liverpool ONE

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Project Description

Following a wayfinding scheme completed by isGroup in 2013, consisting of fingerposts and wall mounted directories at Liverpool ONE, the team returned to refurbish all of the existing wayfinding and information signs around the shopping complex.

The team refurbished five freestanding signs in total; four were successfully refurbished on site, the remainder brought back to the factory for extensive repairs. The sign bases originally manufactured from Portland stone had discoloured and cracked, therefore isGroup suggested replacing the stone elements with shot-peened stainless steel for a contemporary finish. Each sign was updated with digital prints applied to a toughened glass section to present the ‘Store Guide’ information and maps with LED lighting behind.

In addition to refurbishing the signs, isGroup sourced and fitted a solar power lighting solution with an internal sensor to illuminate only on the approach of visitors. The solar lighting is an energy efficient product that is cost effective for the client and enhances visibility of the signs at night time.