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Project Description

“Hatton Garden BID recently commissioned isGroup to manufacture and install our eye-catching heritage signage. Hatton Garden is a unique area and we wanted to mark the entrance with an artistic piece that tells the amazing story of our place. We could not be happier with the result and frequently receive praise from passers-by.” BID Manager, Hatton Garden BID

isGroup’s role was to manufacture and install the gateway signage. It was also to provide expert knowledge and consult with designers and the Hatton Garden BID team. We were tasked with translating the initial design proposal into a finished sign that met the client’s expectations and used materials and styles in keeping with the iconic history of the area.

The central column of the sign was decorated with an etched zinc panel timeline of Hatton Garden, this section was of concern as we were unsure whether the panel could be rolled without cracking or stretching. To achieve this, we delicately rolled the panel at different thicknesses across the material to avoid damaging the graphic sleeve.

To meet design intent selection of materials was vital. We used highly reflective letters produced out of stainless steel, not only did this material mimic that of diamond cutting patterns used in jewellery making. In addition, the material finishes created character, lighting effects, product longevity and durability to the sign. Each letter was individually mounted onto a bespoke fabricated steel tampered structure that conformed to BS EN 1090.

The design had many sections with different diameter sizes to reflect the jewellery industry. Prototypes made from GRP modules were created to produce the sections and to allow the sign to slot together. This reduced risk improved fabrication efficiency and ensured a seamless fit at install. These were finished in a bronze paint this was chosen due to the material quality. As well as emulating the materials and colours used in the making of fine watches and jewellery.

The result – an on-street stunning Gateway and architectural sculpture which integrated seamlessly with the surrounding architecture and public realm. It is highly visible, impactful and educative cementing the importance and value of this historic quarter.

“isGroup created a beacon that was just as we imagined and widely accepted by all stakeholders.” Director, Maynard