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Project Description

Hastings Town Centre Wayfinding

isGroup together with leading environmental designers, provided a new and improved town centre wayfinding scheme for Hastings, connecting the seafront to nearby amenities.

The materials were chosen to complement the town’s landscape and historical roots. isGroup completed site surveys to determine sign locations, remove existing signage and prepare the groundworks. Our technicians developed the design through CAD drawings and we offered the client a range of sample materials, as well as a manufactured prototype.

Upon approval, isGroup constructed ten double-sided wayfinding signs using low iron glass to display the map graphics. These were surrounded by colour vitreous enamelled panels. The aluminium frames had the corners welded and dressed, while the panels were finished with anti-tamper fixings.
Hastings’ town centre is now clearly navigable through impressive wayfinding information, presented with a welcoming historical interpretation.

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