Hardwick Retail Park

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Project Description

isGroup collaborated with two leading wayfinding consultants and designers, for the delivery of a new retail entrance totem sign and wayfinding monoliths to replace the existing signage scheme in situ to modernise and improve the navigation around the retail park.

isGroup’s technical team attended site to provide test digs on an existing base of a totem for recladding. This enabled isGroup to provide structural CAD drawings that were sent for approval to a structural engineer to ensure the structural integrity of the new and refurbished signs.

Our installers provided a pre-production survey to assess ground conditions and the access equipment required for the installation. A full list of RAMS were sent for approval before attending site to complete the initial excavation and installation of the rag bolt cages prior to the final installation.

The team manufactured and installed a set of five metre tall double sided wayfinding totem signs, displaying a new modernised brand and style, and a set of customised fingerposts navigating pedestrians safely around the car park and facilities.