Grosvenor Park, Chester

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Project Description

isGroup was appointed by Mansell Construction to manufacture and install a set of external wayfinding signage for the Grosvenor Parks in Chester city centre. The signage scheme consisted of six fingerposts, three double sided monolith signs and interpretation lecterns, installed around the park.

The monolith signs were manufactured with stainless steel frames in keeping with the main Chester city signage scheme including vitreous enamel panel inserts printed with location maps. Two of the totem signs feature European air-dried oak to the lower sections with an engraved image, treated with oil for future preservation.

To complete the Grosvenor Parks signage scheme, isGroup manufactured interpretation lecterns, illustrating a ‘Heritage Features’ panel, directing to ‘Marques Statue’, ‘Billy Hobby’s Well’, ‘The Belvedere’ and ‘The Lodge’.

isGroup’s signage scheme has revitalised the heritage site and enables visitors to enjoy their time in a park steeped in history.