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Project Description

Flintshire County Council asked us to design and deliver interpretation signs to promote Flint’s heritage trail at key points of historical interest throughout the town centre.

The team suggested a Way2Go signage strategy would be ideal for this project, and presented the concept to the client.The standardised frames of Way2Go are a cost-effective and durable approach for busy town centres.

We worked with local designers Lorna Jenner and Bill Smutts to provide images and mapping elements. Each features a silhouette design of Flint’s infamous castle along the bottom panel. The historical illustrations were created by local heritage designers, who have presented Flint’s timeline of events, the medieval stronghold, industrial prosperity and the capture of Richard II, leading to his imprisonment at Flint Castle.

Flint’s heritage trail is presented throughout the town centre for visitors and locals to enjoy. They generate interest in Flint’s historical roots and tell the story of the castle ruins.

Regeneration Officer, Flintshire County Council

“The quality of the signs is excellent and everyone who’s seen them loves them. The matt finish suits the town very well and the quality of the images is superb, even the image of Richard II. The installers put the signs in with a great deal of care and have left the pavements with a good quality finish. Overall – good job done. We’ve just done it in time for the Eisteddfod too – which is excellent. I am very pleased with their workmanship.”