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Project Description

Following a competitive tender in 2016, isGroup was appointed to help Chelmsford City Council introduce a wayfinding solution to aid navigation throughout the town centre. The solution was required to not only be contemporary but also in line with various other improvements to public realm and transport systems, as well as a new housing and retail development.

“isGroup came highly recommended and I can continue to vouch for that, having had our first phase of wayfinding signs manufactured and installed. The team is very organised, cooperative and always happy and available to resolve any issues that arise along the way. I was very pleased with the outcome, the finish of the signs are superb and look great.” – Urban Designer, Chelmsford City Council.

The solution from isGroup included 11 WAY2GO fingerposts, 11 wayfinding monoliths and a wall mounted wayfinding sign, which featured a 316-grade brushed stainless steel frame. Working with partners, Placemarque, isGroup selected a series of high-quality materials available as part of its WAY2GO system.

The monoliths were created to a bespoke Placemarque design, using brushed 316-grade stainless steel, toughened glass and an LED light sheet, while the fingerposts were manufactured using brushed 316-grade stainless steel posts, painted aluminium fingers and exterior grade vinyl applied content.

Each of the monoliths featured a wayfinding map in the centre panel, with four illuminated internally to create attractive, backlit wayfinding information.

In addition, each monolith incorporated highly durable vitreous enamel to display chosen colours to clearly identify areas/zones areas within the city as well as various photographs of local landmarks, captured in sepia, which sit within the lower vitreous enamel panels.

A small selection of the monoliths also featured stainless steel foundation plates identifying the location of the sign with shot peened lettering.

The flexibility of the WAY2GO system from isGroup additionally meant that the fingerpost design could be modified suit the design intent drawings created by Placemarque, while the wall mounted featured wayfinding graphics digitally printed behind a low iron toughened glass panel.

Having both the Streetwise Supervisor and Streetwise Operatives qualifications required to work on the city‰’s highways, isGroup completed the pilot phase in December 2016, when samples and prototypes were installed and well received by the public. The remainder of the project was completed in February 2017.

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