Arun Retail Park Sign Rebrand

||Arun Retail Park Sign Rebrand
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Project Description

Seventeen years after isGroup first installed Arun Retail Park’s totem sign, the team returned to provide it with fresh new branding. isGroup was appointed by Property Managers CBRE to complete a full refurbishment on the existing six metre totem sign, almost two decades after it was first installed.

The sign refurbishment comprised of an initial site survey to assess the sign’s location. An excavation was conducted to test the existing conditions of the base, prior to commencing the sign manufacture.

The retail totem sign was modernised, with new aluminium panels fixed to the existing framework, while an additional vertical section was added to display ‘Arun Retail Park’. The addition of internal LED lighting enhanced visibility of the retailer logos and substantially reduced the future maintenance, backed by a five-year warranty.

To reduce time onsite, the new illuminated sign panels arrived pre-wired, whilst isGroup engineers removed the existing cladding. The sign was fully refurbished, all within a 24-hour window.