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Project Description

After successful completion of the Alderley Park entrance features isGroup were approached to manufacture and install the parks internal and external signage scheme for the UK’s largest bioscience campus in 400 acres of historic parkland.

The wayfinding strategy designed by Placemarque used the scientific nature of the business park to inform the design of the wayfinding. Using small accent numbers on the floor levels reflecting those used in chemical formulas, to the stacking of squares as in the periodic table with a monochrome finish for the colour scheme.

isGroup manufactured and installed the external signage scheme which consisted of slim and large wayfinding totems with a mixture of single, double and four sided faces. These totems made from folded aluminium with vinyl branded Alderley Park graphics to the faces. The wayfinding totems were located through the campus guiding deliveries, visitors and the public park. Other parts of the external scheme were directional signage post mounted signage, wall mounted building signage and projecting building signage.

The internal signage system incorporated the elements of the scientific nature and monochrome colour scheme within the various components.

The internal signage comprised of:

Wayfinding Floor Directories
Door Signs
Wayfinding Hanging Signs
Wayfinding Vinyl Graphics
Projecting Office Suite Signs

To complete the internal signage isGroup manufactured and installed reception signage which comprised of aluminium halo LED illuminated built-up Alderley Park ‘A’ logo. The ‘A’ was powder coated to match the paint use on the external totems this was so that every component of the project was on brand.

The result Alderley Park offers a new and exciting way to do business, a canvas for creativity, and a breath of fresh air to the existing buildings and the new buildings to come to the campus.