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Project Description

81 Fountain Street has an imposing presence within Manchester with 8 upper floors of office space above a ground floor retail element. When isGroup was approached in 2016 to produce the signage, it needed to be as striking as the setting and catch the eye of passers-by in this key Manchester thoroughfare.

The brief was to make the external signage dramatic to complement the remodelled entrance and ensure that the location’s key identifying numerals stood out. To achieve this isGroup produced 2 built up bronze stainless “81” numerals which were mounted on the glass above the entrance doors both externally and internally, to mirror one another and hide fixings.

Internally isGroup’s innovative solution was a vertical and horizontal track mounted tenant system made of stainless steel and painted in a specialist bronze coating system. The tenant numerals and text were produced from flat cut and mirror polished stainless mounted to a black acrylic and mounted in the double height foyer.

Finally, the directional element of the project was equally unusual. Wall-mounted white acrylic panels were laser cut to give the illusion of 2 cubes next to each other. These were to provide staircase floor level indicators with plotted vinyl text to face and printed graphics.

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