Wayfinding Signage an Important Part of Towns and Cities

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Wayfinding Signage an Important Part of Towns and Cities

In June the 100 places selected for the government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund will now be able to draw up their proposals for a multi-million pound investment. The opportunity presented by the Towns Fund to deliver a wide-ranging partnership programme of regeneration which will address many of the remaining social and economic challenges in the area.

Together with the local community and local businesses plans are being drawn up to transform towns economic growth prospects with a focus on improved transport, heritage, skills and culture. The ambition is to ‘re-imagine’ towns, maximise the positives of its independent shops, tourist offer and assets and its historic centre and architecture.

We are delighted to see so much funding being put into communities to invest in our vital town centres. And whether you benefit from the fund or not, it’s easy to help locals and tourists alike get more out of your town.

Why Wayfinding Signage is an Important Part of Town and City Streets

Wayfinding signage is becoming an increasingly more common sight in towns and city centres. Designs that can stand out from urban environments yet blend in with modern architecture giving everyone a direction to discover something new or guide them along a familiar path.

Effective wayfinding systems have environmental social and economic benefits. Signage can inform pedestrians and cyclists about the availability of safe routes and convey information about distance. Wayfinding signs can also act as visual prompts to encourage people to walk or use more sustainable forms of transport and wayfinding signage may persuade people to explore urban areas, visit attractions and make use of local services such as shops and cinemas.

Comprehensive wayfinding systems often combine signage, maps, symbols, colours, and other communications. Increasingly, they integrate mobile applications, digital displays, and wireless technologies.

Beyond their directional functions, wayfinding systems can be used for creating a sense of place and showcasing an area’s unique history

How isGroup Can Help You

Our knowledgeable, experienced team are here to guide your project through initial concepts, site surveys, structural calculations, site access equipment to installation. We remove your problems and commit to high quality, time sensitive, on budget solutions. Our team have created the WAY2GO range. The WAY2GO is a family of modular sign which incorporates a wide range of options, allowing us to work with you to create signage that meets your needs exactly.

Our unique design means new panels can be produced quickly, reducing the cost of redesigns and eliminating the need for prototyping. Totems can also accommodate LED lighting, vivid digital displays and solar panel technology. WAY2GO is an economical range of signs with a wide choice of high-quality materials. From stainless steel, toughened glass and aluminium to natural stone or hardwood, WAY2GO gives you the freedom to select materials that create the right feel for your environment.

We make signs that work for you. We can assist in the overall wayfinding strategy to design, create and install the optimum solution for you. Contact us if you have a wayfinding project you would like us to help with.

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