St. Mary’s School Council Pupils Design New Signs

||St. Mary’s School Council Pupils Design New Signs

St. Mary’s School Council Pupils Design New Signs

In February 2018 isGroup was contacted by the School Children’s Council of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Flint.

The School Council had decided that their existing signs were looking very worn and they could not be seen very well by people passing the school.

The School Council’s Committee decided to hold a competition amongst their fellow pupils to design a logo/crest suitable to put on the signs alongside the official school logo.The winning artwork pieces were designed and drawn by brothers Ben and Josh Price.

The School Committee then began searching for a local signage company to work with and once they identified isGroup, they contacted the company and invited the Sales Director to come in. Mr Paul Dyke, Sales Director met with the Committee to discuss what it hoped to achieve. The School Council Committee Meeting was Chaired by 10 years old Charlie Robinson. Other Committee Members included Holly Williams (Committee Secretary), Emily Bithell, Jocelyn Stacey, Amy Owen and Ben and Josh Price. Committee Meetings were also attended by Philip Leddy Chair of Governors.

Paul Dyke presented the Committee with examples of other school sign designs and after much consideration, the children then gave instructions on colour, layout and sizes etc. isGroup worked with the School and provided 4 sets of drawings over a number of weeks. Finally, the decision was made!

The instruction was to have a new post-mounted sign at the entrance and a new wall sign to replace the old sign that was in place.

Paul Dyke returned to meet with the School Council Committee members after the new signs had been installed. He asked the children of what they thought of their work. Charlie Robinson (who is now in Secondary School) said “They are good; much better than the old ones as people can actually see them now”. Charlie is now studying design in high school and currently working with mosaic tiles and he told Paul that he is enjoying it.

isGroup has been delighted to work on this special project and who knows, maybe one day one of the School Council Members will find their future in Signage?

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