Green for go with our fleet of hybrid cars!

||Green for go with our fleet of hybrid cars!

Green for go with our fleet of hybrid cars!

isGroup is proud to announce further environmental improvements in its operations. The Directors regularly review all aspects of the business to evaluate where environmental improvements can be made that will benefit the Company. This began in 2010 when solar panels were installed to the factory roof to reduce the premise’s carbon footprint. This was followed by all of the factory lighting changing to LED. Overall this has reduced our annual electrical consumption and CO2 emissions.

As a small fleet operator, the Directors decided to change the fleet policy in 2017 so that all new Company vehicles registered to the company had to be hybrid going forward. Currently isGroup operates three hybrid vehicles, a Mercedes C350 E sport, Volkswagen Passat GTE and BMW 330 e. A twin charging point was installed in May 2018 to facilitate the vehicles’ quick charging and improve efficiency.

Not only is the isGroup environmentally green within the company but also in its projects. A clear example of this was at the Pier head, Liverpool which won Illuminated Sign of the Year in 2015 for its solar powered lighting. The ability to illuminate the signs effectively was a key criteria on the project, however the cost and time associated with laying the cabling required for traditional lighting was prohibitive. By illuminating the monoliths and totems with a customised, innovative solar signage kit, not only did isGroup provide optimum lighting performance but also presented a substantial cost and energy savings for the customer. Three, nine metre high totem signs, ten double-sided and one four-sided directional monoliths were installed, the smaller monoliths incorporating PIR sensors so that they only light up when visitors approach.

Similarly, at Liverpool One, the team refurbished five freestanding signs in total. Each sign was updated with digital prints applied to a toughened glass section to present the ‘Store Guide’ information and maps with LED lighting behind. In addition to refurbishing the signs, isGroup sourced and fitted a solar power lighting solution with an internal sensor to illuminate only on the approach of visitors. The solar lighting is an energy efficient product that is cost effective for the client and enhances visibility of the signs at night time.
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