Four years in a row isGroup are shortlisted for the British Sign Awards

||Four years in a row isGroup are shortlisted for the British Sign Awards

Four years in a row isGroup are shortlisted for the British Sign Awards

Having won the top prize Sign of the Year award in 2017, we are all delighted to receive the news that isGroup has been shortlisted for the British Sign Awards for the fourth year in a row.

isGroup has been shortlisted in three categories as follows:

Architectural Award – Hatton Garden

Construction Award – IM External

Craftsman Award – Hatton Garden and IM External

isGroup manufactured signs for Metquarter Liverpool – which was entered by design consultants F.r.a for Wayfinding Sign of Year.

The Architectural Award category is for major signs designed and produced to make a statement and create a major impression on all who see them. Hatton Garden certainly did. We delivered the structure to meet design intent by selecting materials reflecting the jewellery and the heritage to which Hatton Garden is synonymous for. To do this we used highly reflective letters produced out of stainless steel. Not only did this material mimic that of diamond cutting patterns traditionally used in jewellery but also manufacturing the patterned finishes were instrumental in creating character, lighting effects, product longevity and durability to the sign. Each letter was individually mounted onto a bespoke fabricated steel tampered structure. The central column of the sign was decorated with an etched zinc panel timeline of the Hatton Garden area. The result – an on-street stunning Gateway and architectural sculpture integrating seamlessly with the surrounding architecture and public realm – highly visible, impactful and educative cementing the importance and value of this historic quarter.

The Construction Award recognises the work of the design, engineering and manufacturing specialists whose skills ensure that signs are manufactured and installed to be safe and fit for purpose. Elements also considered are the sign’s design and construction including choice of materials and fixings. Every detail of I.M External project has been designed and executed with quality in mind. Using a variety of different materials and techniques isGroup produced a modern and stylish signage scheme. Such as the cast iron logo which was cast from a black sand casting in one piece and weighing in at circa 450 kilos meaning it required a special carrier frame for Health and Safety. The frame had to be held rigid whilst the casting was transported, and whilst Halo Sloan LEDs were fitted to a recess in the rear of the casting. We designed the frame for additional uses in the installation phase which allowed for the logo to be suspended by a crane whilst fixing to the huge precast concrete panels during installation and removed when mounted thus reducing the risk of problems at installation.

The Craftsman Award is designed to recognise traditional sign making skills. Entries can be complete signs created using traditional methods or can be signs produced using modern techniques, but which include a hand-crafted element. Both Hatton Gardens and I.M External Projects used a mix of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques including sand casting, mould making, laser cutting, CNC routing, painting and plotting vinyl chosen due to the diverse range of materials and the need to reduce risk whilst improving fabrication efficiency. The etched zinc panel timeline of Hatton Garden had to be delicately rolled at a slightly different thickness across the material. Doing this ensured that it would be able to be rolled without damage or cracking to the graphic sleeve. For IM External, the cast iron logo was cast from a black sand casting in one piece a traditional technique rarely used anymore. We then combined the cast iron logo with Halo Sloan LED light modules fitted to a recess in the rear of the casting.

The Wayfinding Sign of the Year Award is designed to recognise innovative design that fulfils its primary wayfinding function and expresses the character of the brand or delivers added interest. Met Quarter delivers classic wayfinding in stylish modern finishes in keeping with the sophisticated luxury shopping centre.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Athena Events Centre in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter on Thursday November 14th.

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