isGroup Innovates With ‘See Through’ Graphics

||isGroup Innovates With ‘See Through’ Graphics

isGroup Innovates With ‘See Through’ Graphics

Following its recent investment into the class leading Cannon Océ Arizona flatbed printer isGroup has continued its proud tradition of innovation through the introduction of one-way vision or ‘see through’ glass graphics.

Working with renowned provider of printable window films, ContraVision, isGroup can now offer clients the opportunity to harness the power of one-way vision to elevate glass and vehicle branding opportunities.

Originally developed in 1982 to allow spectators of Squash to fully view the sport, one-way vision technology blocked the view of players, while allowing fans to see everything.

These one-way or ‘see through’ products, which can be printed on site at isGroup’s Flint headquarters, transform glass with graphics than can only been seen from one side, providing impactful branding and advertising opportunities or simply decorative effects externally.

The products also offer privacy benefits and solar control internally, without blocking their view outside.

The one-way effect is achieved by creating graphics that feature a printed graphic pattern or design with black ‘backing’, as well as unprinted ‘see through’ areas that can cover up to 50% of the film.

When looking at the printed side, the eye is drawn to the colours as they reflect more light. Internally, the view through the film is more dominant as the black layer absorbs light and is less apparent to the eye.

Sales Director at isGroup, Paul Dyke, said: “Combining our on-site facilities and the team’s creative vision for our clients with these cutting edge printing films and technologies allows us to provide some really innovative and effective branding and signage solutions.”

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