NOMA, WAY2GO Versatility in Wayfinding

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NOMA, WAY2GO Versatility in Wayfinding

As part of NOMAs £800 million mixed use development isGroup had the opportunity to provide luxurious sets of WAY2GO signs.

isGroup have provided WAY2GO signage for sites Sadler’s Yard and Angel Gardens NOMA.

Each site had to incorporate the NOMA branding, but also have its own recognised style. As each square’s architecture has its own identity. isGroup was responsible for the technical development of the design brief, advising on the most suitable materials for the environment and wayfinding specification, which lead to the use of our range, WAY2GO.

The NOMA signs showcase WAY2GO’s flexibility and versatility. WAY2GO works with a standardised range of sub frame combined with interchangeable panels allowing the design to suit any brief. From stainless steel, toughened glass and aluminium to natural stone or hardwood, WAY2GO gives you the freedom to select materials that create the right feel for your environment.

For Sadler’s Yard isGroup produced 5 WAY2GO totem signs, all of which were customised with soft white illumination. The top panel consisted of individual glass planks that presented information and identified nearby places of interest. The lower panels presented a specialist sourced West Moreland stone at the base, carved with the logo design of NOMA. This elegantly sat below a decorative filigree pattern of painted aluminium, with an LED light sheet to the rear to provide soft illumination.

Angel Garden’s signs comprised of another 6 WAY2GO totems. These totems included similar characteristics to Sadler’s Yard, but customised for the new site such as using Whitworth Yorkshire Stone and a decorative cog pattern made from aluminium. The totems also incorporated a digital viewer within the middle section of the signs which will house historical artefacts inside. Artefacts are due to be installed this year and will include ceramic tobacco pipes, 1797 George III cartwheel penny, bobbin, spindle and skewer.

By using WAY2GO our unique design means new panels can be produced quickly with a 4 week turn around required for Sadler’s Yard. Every panel on the NOMA sign can be modified to suit any new brief, further future proofing sign design while offering the incorporation of digital screens for digital integration. This feature enabled this project to achieve its unique style.

Available with an extensive choice of high-quality materials, from natural stone, hardwood, stainless steel, toughened glass, and aluminium, WAY2GO ensures that the signage delivers the look and durability you require.

WAY2GO also offers a spectrum of paint colours and specialist metal coatings, which can be sprayed onto most materials to provide the look and feel of solid metal without the expense. From engraving to vinyl and in fillers; there is a wide selection of finishing touches that will make sure your sign gets seen.

The NOMA scheme continues across Manchester, including improvements to public realm, new offices, new residential spaces, retail developments and hotels.

Whatever your budget, WAY2GO’s superior material and finish options will enable you to achieve the appearance you want for your directional signage.

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