DI-NOC How to innovatively rejuvenate interiors and save cost!

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DI-NOC How to innovatively rejuvenate interiors and save cost!

Traditional rip-out projects cost 7 times more than wrapping using vinyl!

Redesign, recover and refresh ….

Architects, Designers, Fit Out Companies and Construction Professionals often have to work to tight budgets but at the same time deliver high value, high quality finishes. Often the client’s desired materials are cost prohibitive – but now there’s a truly innovative solution! The emergence of vinyl films as a method of rejuvenating interiors is opening up new opportunities.

Hotels, offices, leisure and education buildings are just 4 of the sectors that can now potentially refurbish rooms, doors, reception areas, lifts and bar/restaurant areas for a fraction of the cost of a full rip out and fit out of wall & fitting surfaces.

isGroup embraces the use of new technologies and materials and now offers Di-Noc Architectural Finishes designed for interior decoration and refurbishment projects.

Every surface becomes a potential project

Rejuvenate an entire interior in one go or just wrap individual items over time i.e, bars, desks, partitions. It’s a cost effective solution for any budget

Di-Noc’s versatile 3D form can fit virtually any surface.

Consider how you can use this material on:
• Ceilings
• Walls
• Facades
• Doors
• Columns
• Bars/Reception areas
• Surfaces/desks/tables
• Lifts
• Partitions
• Conference Rooms

What kind of vinyl?

Lightweight self-adhesive films can be applied on site to existing substrates quickly and easily and with minimal risk of error or waste. Vinyl is also moisture and heat resistant so suitable for application in bathrooms and food areas

The benefits ….

1500 realistic textures & patterns – From concrete to metal and wood to leather. Truly impressive realistic textures that mirror the look and feel of the real material. Apply these finishes to where it may be too difficult or costly to install the real thing!

Easy to apply – businesses can remain open during the application process. There’s no noise, smells meaning less disruption overall

Versatile – Curves and shapes are no problem and it’s perfect for ceilings, columns and intricate structures

Sustainable – Vinyl offers a longer term solution, reusing and recycling furniture rather than disposing of it. Upcycling existing fixtures and fittings creates less landfill

Fire tested, CE marked and IMO approved – Di-Noc films come with CE marking and EN 13501 fire certification to give customers peace of mind.

Do you have a project that might benefit from this new material? Contact us to discuss and find out more.

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