Angel Gardens Noma

Angel Gardens Noma

Sector – Public Realm & Heritage Signage

After the success of the wayfinding signage for Sadler’s Yard which won ‘Wayfinding Signage of the Year’ at the British Sign Awards, isGroup were approached by Murraywood Construction to complete the next phase of the NOMA framework around Manchester.

Project Delivery

Each site within the NOMA framework must incorporate the NOMA branding, but also have its own recognised style, as each area’s architecture has its own identity.

isGroup were responsible for the technical development of the design brief, advising on the most suitable materials for the environment and wayfinding specification, which lead to the use of our range, WAY2GO.

Angel Garden’s signs comprised of six WAY2GO totems, three slim 300mm width totems and three 600mm width totems – all internally LED illuminated. These totems included similar characteristics to Sadler’s Yard with the bronze metallic paint finish and the same blue/grey colour scheme, but customised for the new site using Whitworth Yorkshire Stone and a decorative cog pattern made from aluminium.

Illustrating the History of Manchester

The totems also incorporated a digital viewer within the middle section of the signs which housed historical artefacts inside. A combination of digital video viewers and physical artefact viewers provided a wide variety of historical information relating to each individual item and the surrounding historical area. Artefacts include ceramic tobacco pipes, 1797 George III cartwheel penny, bobbin, spindle and skewer. isGroup also provided three additional viewers that were housed within the stone landscape furniture.

The NOMA scheme continues across Manchester, including improvements to public realm, new offices, new residential spaces, retail developments and hotels.

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